New handle

5 gallon of water is heavy! So it is not surprising that people prefer a PET bottle with a handle. Unfortunately, the side handle does not perform as well as it should in terms production efficiency and reliability. Our approach of the handle changes the rules: bottle production is easier and reliability is much better.

 the haToday the side handles have issues:

the handle does not grip so well to the bottle bodies

The handle configuration offers others benefits

end user handling is easier : when bottle is on the floor the griping is « natural » compared to side, the handle position encourages people to not but hand on the cap area which is better for hygiene, unload bottles from horizontal crate becomes really easy.

HODMETER designed a new handle linked to preform in the neck area to solve the issue and even 

To upgrade your PET bottle with handle and if you prefer to keep business with your local preform supplier, HODMETER is ready to share its expertise and work with your existing suppliers to solve your problem.

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