24 IX 2014 - PET bottle production in Alger

Every summer, Frainet was facing problems to get their 5 gallon bottles on time. The supplies were late and difficult to manage: lead time, transport problems, custom clearance, bad quality... So Frainet every summer was loosing business because of bottle lack.

This was before!

Now Frainet is producing its 5 gallon PET bottles with RSBM solution and PET preforms from Hodmeter.

The line was started this month and the Frainet's team is now managing the production when they really need bottles and do not wait any longer for delivery. If they need 300 bottles... they start the line and four hours later the 300 bottles are simply here.

The solution is also cost effective: avoiding import costs and duties, the bottles "made in Algeria" are also 64% cheaper with a 20 000 bottles production including general overheads!

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