17 IX 2015 - French Constitutional Council modified the law banishing bisphenol A

The Plastics Europe association asked at the French Constitutional Council to check the legality of the French law about the use of BPA in food packagings, this includes the polycarbonate bottles. This request was exposed last 15 IX 2015 (case ref. 2015-480 QPC) and you can see this hearing on http://www.conseil-constitutionnel.fr/conseil-constitutionnel/francais/videos/2015/septembre/affaire-n-2015-480-qpc.144326.html.

The 17 IX 2015 the French Constitutional Council decided to modify the law about BPA ban: the production and export of packagings containing BPA in France are restored. The others aspects of the law are maintained, they include the ban of the use of BPA to pack food stuff in France: restrictions on use in France remain in place.

More info on http://www.conseil-constitutionnel.fr/conseil-constitutionnel/francais/les-decisions/acces-par-date/decisions-depuis-1959/2015/2015-480-qpc/communique-de-presse.144364.html. Detailed decision on http://www.conseil-constitutionnel.fr/conseil-constitutionnel/francais/les-decisions/acces-par-date/decisions-depuis-1959/2015/2015-480-qpc/decision-n-2015-480-qpc-du-17-septembre-2015.144363.html.

The next step should be european level, how EFSA will review its opinion in 2017 or 2018 and  PlasticsEurope asked the European Commission to initiate formal infringement proceedings against France. We have to remind that EFSA banished BPA of the baby bottles applying in Europe since 2011.

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