15 X 2019 - Rethink Plastic

Reusable alternatives to wasteful single-use plastics are on the rise across Europe.

Rethink Plastic is an alliance of leading European NGOs, with thousands of active groups, supporters and citizens in every EU Member State. Rethink Plastic edited a document to pass message: Reusable solutions: How governments can help stop single-use plastic pollution.

This report shows how a mixture of public and private initiatives are slashing the consumption of single-use plastic packaging and products across Europe, including deposit-return schemes, and reusable cup and food container ideas.

All people packing food stuff should read this report, it is a good idea shaker to initiate a rethink process about tomorrow packaging introducing concrete cases and key facts like

« Beverage bottles, and their caps and lids, are
the most commonly found items polluting Europe’s beaches »


« Replacing conventional single-use plastic items with bio-based or compostable plastics
is not a solution to the plastic pollution crisis ».

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