5 gallon PET bottle

HODMETER provides packaging solution for 5 gallon bottled water business (Home & Office Delivery market):


MonoCap cap for bottle applied on watercooler (non spill cap)

5 gallon refillable PET bottle

Preform to blow bottle

Setup assistance to blow bottle

Accessories for HOD business


Hodmeter features clear, straightforward business rules to ensure:



Working with HODMETER, you explore several benefits:



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Leaks are critical for HOD business. A dripping bottle creates material damage and discredits your hygiene performance. The results are extra costs and customer losses.


The MonoCap 2CE conception brings great benefits:

  • Non-spill system with a cost effective design
  • Bi-injected seal for top tightness and optimum hygiene
  • Welded plastic label (no glue or metal coating)
5 gallon non spill cap
MonoCap 2CE

Implement the MonoCap cap does not need extra investment for capping and decapping operations, the bottler works easily with this model.

The specific design of the non-spill system improves the bottle and cooler’s spike interaction and avoids the floating valve issue. All caps are checked during production for shape and leakage, and U.V. sterilized avoiding human intervention before packing. All MonoCap components are recyclable together depending on local recycling method.

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MonoCap is patented and injected by Viki Plast in accordance with HACCP and ISO 9001:2000. MonoCap is food compatible in accordance with last Europe legislations.


PET bottles are

phthalates free

BPA free



from 10 litre to 5 gallon

available with handle

5 gallon PET bottle with handle
5 gallon PET bottle

PET bottles have a good durability and a great impact resistance. The bottles are available with handle and can be customised. The injected neck brings a high tightness.  Our PET preforms bring higher outstanding clarity with no stress cracking.


Our RSBM program helps bottler to produce bottles from 10 litre to 5 gallon when and where they need them. The PET bottles are cost effective including production and logistic.


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PET preform

            to blow refillable bottle

Our PET preforms are injected to blow refillable bottles from 10 litre to 5 gallon


Its specific design brings the best biaxial orientation with a high planar stretch ratio for a five gallon bottle. The bottle is stronger with our preform than others preforms... even heavier! The special PET grade includes a high intrinsic viscosity with no regrind. Those two elements are crucial to blow the best bottle with high transparency and a low acetaldehyde level.


The neck 55 mm dimensions are compatible with all 55 mm caps. The preform is also available with an optional neck ring for handling on automatic blowing lines.


We are also injecting PET side handles for related bottle. Our preforms are injected in Europe and food compatible in accordance with last Europe legislations.


To test your samples and visit our production line, please contact us.

5 gallon PET preform

Our RSBM support includes production line and training, the preform and handle supplies; and allows to bottlers to blow bottle on demand.


This system is cost effective:

  • Easy to operate: the preforms are simply reheated and stretched-blowed in bottles from 10 litre to 5 gallon with an optional side handle
  • A semi-automatic line is a basic investment with easy maintenance for a single operator
  • The output is about 90 bottles per hour for a semi-automatic line up to 400 bottles per hour for automatic line
  • The preforms logistic is efficient (14'080 preforms in a 20 foots ISO container vs only 1050 bottles)

RSBM: preform to bottle

préforme en bonbonne 18,9 litres

HODMETER helps bottler to adapt the washing process to PET, trains the operator on their production line and shares experience (design, economics…).

HODMETER can also supply and setup semi-automatic line like L-BS511 line from our partner LeBao.


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Cup dispenser

  • 100 plastic cups
  • Ø 68-72 mm cup
  • supplied with bracket

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